John Bardinelli

John Bardinelli


Author and editor with ten years of experience as a full-time freelance writer. Specialization in copywriting, localization, narrative design and script writing for interactive media. Published works include articles on technology, gaming, entertainment, gadgets and health.

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Writing & Editing Services


Create marketing copy for press releases, websites, crowdfunding campaigns and advertising materials.

Localization Editing

Edit translated scripts, website copy and marketing materials for a native English audience.

Narrative Design

Work with designers to combine storytelling with interactive media such as online and mobile games. Genres include comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and general fiction.

Script Writing

Scripts for game development studios providing a story, background information and world building details. Scripts include dialogue trees, cutscenes and interactive cinematics. Genres include fantasy, comedy and science fiction.

Journalism & Content Management

Research trending stories, write product reviews, publish news articles and increase traffic through SEO optimization.

Clients & Publications

Whodunnit App 2014-present

  • Outline and author murder mystery themes for up to 22 party guests.
  • Co-create mystery themes with crowdfunding contributors.

WildFactor 2013-present

  • Localization editing, copywriting, narrative design and script writing.

Nooskewl 2013-present

  • Script writing and dialogue editing.

Co-Optimus 2013-present

  • Tech and entertainment news and reviews writing.

Fancy Factory 2012-present

  • Script creation, copywriting and narrative design.

Casual Gameplay 2006-present

  • Outline content plans to increase traffic and ad revenue.
  • Coordinate a team of remote writers to produce 10-15 articles per week.
  • Manage PR requests, developer contacts and submission requests.

Shanda Games 2009-2010

  • Edited promotional texts for press releases and website announcements.

Elephant Games 2007-2008

  • Created website copy and localized marketing materials.

LoveToKnow 2004-2007

  • Group editor managing a staff of writers to provide content for 12 different topics.
  • Daily articles written on travel, entertainment, gadgets, technology and lifestyle.
  • Content management, SEO research and article writing.
Additional Info
  • 10 years of professional writing experience
  • Staff manager and writing coach for remote workers
  • Lead designer for two group game projects
  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS, image editing, Movable Type and WordPress
  • Design, programming and writing for video game releases
  • BA from Maharishi University of Management, 2005
  • Areas of interest include philosophy, linguistics, history and mythology
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